Criticisms Of Provillus

And they DIDN’T allow it to be simple. Let me clarify… Pacific Naturals’ use of misleading and deceptive advertising strategies are disgusting and victim on men’s low self esteem related to male pattern baldness.

In spite of the organization ‘s claim that Provillus is for “all guys & hair kinds” NOWHERE on their web site ( or in their advertising jargon do they reveal to the client THIS MERCHANDISE IS FOR EARLY PERIOD VERTEX (CROWN) BALDING JUST! It was not until I read the carton does it say that and received the merchandise. In addition, it says “THIS PRODUCT ISN’T MEANT FOR FRONTAL BALDING OR RECEDING HAIRLINE”. In selling me a product not meant for me, I was immediately disappointed at their lie. I felt the same as a sucker.

After paying MORE income to send it back I eventually received an e-mail notification telling me of my refund, which they’d retained nearly HALF of the price as a “restocking fee”.

In this upsetting ordeal I came to understand why it is the “No.1 merchandise sold on-line”… because they LIE to get your cash. How successful is their snake oil if those are the strategies they must resort to to be able to sell their merchandise? It is now clear to me that is how they earn their money, by wagering folks will not go through the ordeal of returning their garbage merchandise that just functions and creates merchandise dependence (i.e. any hair increases will fall out when you quit using the product, so you are hooked for LIFE!!!… IN THE EVENT you are among the few guys it really works on).

My complaints about Provillus Are Serious Business!

The outcome? They’ve their garbage merchandise back on their “ledge” and $80 of my hard earned cash… LESSON LEARNED!

Provillus first ask yourself this question, if after reading this review you are still contemplating purchasing:

Whether this merchandise functioned half as great as they claim then why do SNITCH nearly half of what you paid if you return it and they have to DECEIVE you into purchasing it?

That’s unethical and dishonest. Those kinds of company deserve to go under. I expect they suffocate on their particular snake oil that is worthless, putrid.


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